For the last thirty years, I have taught young children, first at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and currently at the Touchstone Community School in Grafton, Massachusetts.

I received a BA from Oberlin College and a Master of Science in Teaching from the University of Chicago. I was a counselor at the University of Chicago Orthogenic School, a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children directed by Bruno Bettelheim.

While working with Bettelheim, I counseled emotionally disturbed adolescent girls. It was an experience that taught me that it can be less frightening to face one’s fears than to run from them. While at the Laboratory Schools, I student-taught with Vivian Paley and then taught kindergarten and nursery school for thirteen years, taking a two year leave of absence when I had my first child and to be a part-time director of a small nursery school next door to her home.

I am the author of Under Deadman’s Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Children’s Violent Play (Beacon, 2000), They Don’t Like Me: Lessons on Bullying and Teasing from a Preschool Classroom (Beacon, 2003), and Far Away from the Tigers: A Year in the Classroom with Internationally Adopted Children (University of Chicago Press, 2011). I have presented lectures and workshops at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Tufts University, Wheelock College, and Lesley College.


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